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The Classic Game but in Virtual Reality

The game works similar to the classic version and was programmed in Unity, while the visuals and 3D design was created in Blender. The setting of the game takes place in a park (because we should spend more time enjoying the environment), where the player is sitting at a picnic table surrounded by trees and greenery. When playing in this version, you can either click the trigger on your Google Cardboard headset to place your “X” piece on the board or press the space bar on your computer.

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How it works.

Placing your X pieces

You must press a button on your VR headset or computer in order to place a piece on the board. To choose which spot to place your piece, the game detects your field of vision, or Raycast, which can be seen as a dot on the screen.

Computer selection

The computer randomly picks the spot to place the “O”. This is done by an array with 9 numbers in total, with each number assigned to a different space on the board. After every turn, the computer must generate random numbers until the number corresponds with an empty space on the board and an “O” is placed

Checking for win

In order to identify if someone has won the game, we need to program a horizontal check and vertical check for three pieces in a row. After checking, there are 3 different outcomes to this game; winning, losing, or having a tie.

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